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My heart has been home in Texas for the past two weeks as Hurricane Harvey set it’s sights on my hometown. The town I grew up in, the town that my parents bought their first home in, the town I learned to drive in… even though I haven’t been back to that small town in over 10 years, my roots still feel so strong there. The hurricane took a slight turn north and missed my hometown but hit so hard in many of the surrounding towns. Seeing the footage from so far away has been absolutely heartbreaking.

As many of you know, the outer rain bands and left over remnants of Harvey headed north East and flooded Houston with trillions of gallons of water. I have so many friends and family in the area that I’ve felt completely helpless being so far away. I’ve been on the phone, texting, checking Facebook for updates, and monitoring the weather from San Diego (as if I could will Harvey to go somewhere else).Β  Thankfully the storm is over but the devastation it has left behind makes me ache for my fellow Texans. It’s times like these that make living far away from home so so difficult! I’ve pulled together as many resources as I can for you to easily find a way to help from afar… if you can spare a few bucks, please please do so! My fellow Texans really need your help. I’ll update this list as I get more information and ways to give back!


Diapers are not provided by Disaster Relief Agencies so please donate so the Texas Diaper Bank can collect and purchase as many as possible. Click here to send diapers straight to the bank.

If you’re local… please head to the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center in San Antonio!

United Way of Greater Houston flood relief fund makes it super easy to donate, text UWFLOOD to 41444

The Houston Food Bank and The Food Bank of Corpus Christi are accepting as many donations as possible

The Driscoll Children’s Hospital in Corpus Christi is accepting donations to reach the larger South Texas area affected.


Purchase one of these beautiful pieces from Bad Bad Jewelry, a fellow San Diegan, and all proceeds go straight to helping animals affected by Harvey!

Shop these pretty hand stamped bracelets from All The Wire and $10 from every purchase will go to help those in need.

Purchase one of these shirts to help those in Northwest Houston area with cleanup! This campaign is run by a dear friend!

Head to MaeWoven to shop today only (THURSDAY, August 31) and 100% of proceeds go to those affected.

Shop this beautiful sign from Hunt and Gather and 100% of proceeds head straight to Harvey victims. (limited amount so hurry)

Shop WildBird slings and wraps TODAY ONLY and 100% of proceeds head to The Houston Food Bank

I know so many who are down in the center helping clean up, feed people, opening their homes and spreading love and compassion… Texas will get through this… Texans are STRONG, Texans SURVIVE! TEXAS Proud!

TEXAS STRONG | ways to help out Hurricane Harvey Victims | thoughtsbyb.com

TEXAS STRONG | ways to help out Hurricane Harvey Victims | thoughtsbyb.com

TEXAS STRONG | ways to help out Hurricane Harvey Victims | thoughtsbyb.com

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