Happy Last Friday of 2017!! This year has been beyond amazing, from standing next to my bestie while she married her love in Turks and Caicos to sending the babes off to preschool, we’ve had a lot of highs this year! Speaking of highs, I’ve made a lot of purchases over the past 365 days so today I’m sharing my absolute best of 2017! All the things I’ve purchased in 2017 and used to my hearts content from toddler clothing toย  home goods!

This year, I really honed in on my goal to purchase “staple” items or only home things that I really absolutely love which fell hand in hand with spending less money on things we didn’t need!

Best of Toddler | 2017

This dress for Ev because it spins like a princess, it’s black so easy to keep clean, and I bought it two sizes bigger because it’s a stretch fabric! She’s worn it for 4 months so far and I for see at least another year or maybe even two out of it! (bonus, it’s on sale)

These boots for Ev and the red pair for Easton, I actually thrifted both of these on Kidizen for half the price and they’ve gotten a ton of wear out of them (if you haven’t joined, you should… it’s like Ebay but for kids clothes and has it’s own app so you can purchase right from your phone)

This was and may be my most important/most used/can’t ever leave the house with out purchase of 2017 and was crucial in our success for potty training Easton!

This dress for Ev! Again, I bought it a size bigger so I think she will be able to wear it into next year and then some! This was also my most clicked item of all the things I’ve linked in 2017! Y’all really loved this dress =) and with a price tag under $15.00, I can see why!

These shoes for Easton… he plays rough and dirty! From mud puddles to sand to running around and riding bikes, these washable slide on tennis shoes are worn in our house nearly every day! I buy them one size bigger so he has room to grow!

I upgraded our stroller this year from the Baby Jogger City Select to this and it has been a big game changer for us… the bench seat has worked so much better for Easton and the ride is way smoother for Ev since it has all wheel suspension. Bonus, it folds up so much smaller for our car and the decelerating handbrake makes our zoo trips so much better!


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Best of Mama | 2017

This year I went on the hunt for the perfect pair of jeans and I finally found what I was after! I literally bought over 16 pair and returned them all before choosing these. I wanted high end, good quality, that could work for my everyday… meaning they needed to stretch without getting stretched out and they needed to be casual with a higher waist so I could toss on a tee or tank and chase my kids at the park. I wanted the perfect length without needing to have them hemmed which is hard when you’re 5’5 and seem to have the shortest legs in the world. All my wants were met with this pair and I plan to buy another style of the same fit next year! Oh and they don’t give you “mom butt” like so many higher rise jeans do!

These shoes are hand down my most used purchase of the year! I bought these with the thought that I would only wear them on occasion because I didn’t think they would be comfortable or good to “mom” in but they have become my everyday shoe and most complimented shoe! And because sandals in San Diego are a year round must, I’m still pairing these with jeans and light sweaters this season! I might even purchase a second pair for next summer!

This swimsuit top and bottoms! And I bought the same bottoms and different top in black because it’s just that good! I have searched high and low for a great swimsuit that made me feel good. I’ve tried everything from one pieces to tankinis but always dismissed the highwaisted suits. I had tried on a few and hated them but I saw this suit on another blogger with a similar body type to mine so I ordered it on a whim and fell in love instantly! I had sticker shock at first but seriously… if I can wear a swimsuit without having to cover up or feel ridiculously uncomfortable while attempting to enjoy time with my kids at the beach… it is worth every single penny and then some!

I know it sounds a little corny but have you ever read a book that changed you? I read this and this and I can not recommend enough… especially if you’re struggling with balancing being a working mama or a busy mama who needs some inspiration and love… these books really helped me to define my path along this mama journey and taught me to be okay with the slow!

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Best of Home Sweet Home | 2017

I’ve purchased 4 rugs this year, 2 were thrifted and have become my favorite finds and the other two were the perfect additions to our home! It’s amazing how adding a rug or changing out an old rug can give a room new life! Our living room rug, this one, from West Elm, I found at an estate sale, our bedroom rug is my absolute favorite second hand item we own, this rug for our entry way has been perfect for fall/winter and then this rug for the kids room which has added the perfect pop of color!

The babes room took a major overhaul this year… what started out with me needing to re-position their bed so they’d stop destroying my very expensive black out shades, turned into a complete redo with everything changing or moving except the paint colors and curtains! My favorite additions to the room are the rug mentioned above and these baskets! They’re the perfect storage bins and they’re washable which, with twin toddlers, is an absolute must!

A lot of our home purchases this year have gone to building and decorating our backyard studio but I’d say our best purchase for the studio was a legitimate and comfortable office chair. Before, we were using one of our padded dining chairs and it was so uncomfortable to sit and work for more than half an hour. We bought this over the summer and it was a total game changer and I LOVE the leather =)


I could go on and on… but I think that sums up my most loved finds from 2017! Do you have a favorite purchase from the year? I’ve got a few more posts coming for you to round out the year and then I’ll be signing off from the blog for a few weeks while I work hard to revamp the entire site! I’m so excited to start of 2018 with a big big bang!


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